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Teko Listrik Stainless (Electrik Kettel) BT-119

Teko Listrik Stainless (Electrik Kettel)

Toko Mesin Maksindo menyediakan teko listrik stainless yang berkualitas yang sangat cocok untuk mendukung kegiatan usaha kuliner Anda.

Keunggulan BT-119

  1. 8L Compact design electric kettle
  2. Mirror shinning stainless steel body
  3. With stainless steel cover inside for health
  4. Handed open safety and easy for opening and closing
  5. With auto shut off and boil dry protection for safety
  6. 360 ͦ rotation cordless body
  7. Good quality Controller with red indicator light

Video Mesin Teko Listrik Stainless (Electrik Kettel) BT-119


  • Type Mesin : BT-119
  • Kapasitas : 1.8L
  • Listrik: 600 Watt, 220V
  • Dimensi: 220x165x240 mm
  • Carton Size: 200x1700x250 mm
  • Berat NW/GW : 0.8 kg/1 kg
  • Harga : Rp 200.000 Rp. 60.000


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